House collapses in Nepal due to pouring rain, killing seven

Kathmandu (dpa) – Seven people were killed in Nepal’s far-western

district of Kalikot when a house collapsed after 24 hours of

continuous rain, media reported Tuesday.

   The three-storey house came down Monday night, burying alive three

sleeping members of the resident family and four members of a

visiting family, Kantipur Television reported.

   The wife of the house owner and a guest, who were also buried,

were rescued. 

   Rescuers had to walk 25 kilometers from the nearest police station

to reach the site. 

   The casualties were the latest in a series of deaths caused by

natural disasters. 

   “Some 247 deaths in natural calamities have been recorded in Nepal

in the last four months,” said Rudra Prasad Khadka, joint secretary

at the Home Ministry. “We are yet to assess the number of those


   Hundreds die and thousands are displaced every year in flash

floods, landslides and collapsing houses caused by incessant rainfall

in the Himalayan nation during the monsoon season from June to