Corpses of three infants discovered

By Thomas Burmeister

Amsterdam (dpa) – In the second grisly case of its kind in the

Netherlands in recent weeks, Dutch police said Thursday they have

discovered the corpses of three new-born babies.

A 41-year-old woman was regarded as a murder suspect, with tests

showing that she had given birth to at least one of the babies, which

were found in the back yard of a house in the town of Geleen, near


Investigations were under way to determine whether she was also

the mother of the other two infants. Police found the first corpse in

a shed last Friday and so searched the property, uncovering two

further dead babies.

In early August, police found the remains of four babies stashed

in suitcases in the attic of a house in the village of Nij Beets. A

25-year-old woman living there with her parents is suspected of

murder, although charges have not yet been formally filed.