Fire breaks out in Christchurch building after power restored

If Christchurch residents haven’t had enough on their plates today following the 7.1 magnitude earthquake at 4.35am this morning, a building in the centre of the city caught fire this afternoon after power was restored. It is believed to be a result of a gas leak.

The Fire Service is also facing problems with water supply and pressure.

Christchurch fire chief Dan Coward stresses the importance of checking chimneys before lighting fires this evening, saying they should be inspected for obvious cracks or significant damage.

Coward says people have been showing up at fire stations with refreshments, but should stay at home to make checks around their houses and also make sure that their smoke alarms are functioning properly.

With power coming on and off, Coward says it is imperative that people ensure their electrical plugs haven’t been damaged or overloaded.