Breaking News – Investigate names terror trainees in NZ

Investigate magazine will name Monday two men it alleges have formal ties to a major terrorist organization, and who arrived in New Zealand on false documentation.
The men supplied false work and/or family details in order to be granted legitimate New Zealand work permits.
At least one of the men, who is still here, trained for three months at a jihad camp run by the al Qa’ida affiliate Lashkar e Taiba in Pakistan’s rugged North West Frontier province.
Documentation, video tapes and sworn statements obtained by Investigate reveal the training involved specialization in Kalashnikov rifles and rocket-propelled grenade launchers…(more)

Australian Guantanamo Bay detainee David Hicks trained at the same jihad camp with the same organization.
A number of men caught in Australia and the US after training at those terror camps have been jailed for between 13 and 70 years.
Although Lashkar e Taiba’s primary focus has been the disputed territory in Kashmir, since 9/11 the group has increased its attention on Islamic jihad throughout the West. A number of its members have been arrested in Australia over the past two years in connection with plans to attack Australian targets.
Just last week a man was jailed in the United States for 24 years for attending a jihad camp in Pakistan three years ago. Similarities to the New Zealand case include the type of training involved, and the fact that the American attendee also lied about his terror background to authorities. Aggravating features in the American case specifically include an admission by the man that he intended to use his terror training at some point in the US.
Investigate has no evidence that the men who arrived in New Zealand are involved in any terror planning in this country, but both men and their families are members of the radical Islamic organization Lashkar e Taiba – one family member having risen to the rank of unit commander.
Lashkar e Taiba is on the United Nations list of banned terror organizations, and is also listed by New Zealand Police as a banned organization.
Full details in the latest Investigate magazine, on sale Monday.