New book blasts Richard Dawkins, Chris Hitchens as ‘god deluded’

A new book on the ‘God vs Atheists’ debate blasts evolutionist Richard Dawkins as ‘god deluded’ and says leading atheists like Dawkins, the late Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris are offering up one-dimensional arguments to people who don’t know any better.

The book, “Christ In The Crossfire”, is the latest offering in the culture wars between Belief and Atheism, and its author Ian Wishart has made the Kindle version available free, for a limited time, so people can get a chance to understand the debate.

“I used to be an atheist,” Wishart said, “before being confronted with inconvenient evidence. I used to be a fan of the atheistic arguments, but as a journalist I found they didn’t stack up when all the evidence was considered. Dawkins and the others use simplistic rhetoric to score points, but there’s little substance to the objections they raise.”

Wishart said he had looked for the best arguments atheism could offer, and then looked at the evidence in support of those claims. The new book ends up providing answers.

“Belief, or unbelief, in a creator is a big thing, “said Wishart. “I’ve found people like to be sure they’ve made the right choice if only to silence the nagging feelings we all get.”

Among the topics covered in the book:

The origin of the Flood legends across virtually all cultures

The origin of the universe

The possibility of multiple universes

Comparisons between different religions – do all paths really lead to the same God?

Did Jesus Christ exist?

Did the Bible borrow its miracle stories from earlier religions?

Evolution vs intelligent design

Were the gospel stories basically invented by the Catholic Church at the Council of Nicea in AD 325?

And much more.

Wishart said he hoped making Christ In The Crossfire available free on Kindle for a limited time would allow his critics, as well as those on the other side of the debate, to confront the best evidence available.


  1. “Not surprising he was once an atheist as that is how we are all born, it takes the indoctrination of a cult to make one a believer.”

    What bullshit!

    You don’t need religion or a cult to be a believer (and you don’t have to be a part of orthodox religion to ‘believe’), and we aren’t born stupid, knowledge isn’t always acquired through books or outside sources. We have our own ‘inner’ antenna (the heart, the conscience, the soul and the spirit) that can answer many questions, that can guide us, and also reveal ‘truths’.

    Human beings aren’t plastic dolls!

  2. Not surprising he was once an atheist as that is how we are all born, it takes the indoctrination of a cult to make one a believer.

  3. it is easy to shut up the atheists – all you have to do is provide evidence for any of the gods (and there are thousands to choose from). What are you waiting for?

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