NZ mother in UK Social Services battle turns to Kickstarter for book funding

A British mum now resident in Auckland, New Zealand after winning a battle with Social Services to get her children back, has turned to crowd-funding site Kickstarter to help tell her story.

Sue O’Callaghan’s three oldest children were taken without warning after her husband secretly laid the groundwork with Social Services – his mother was a social worker.

Not content with taking the oldest, Social Services then attempted to take O’Callaghan’s soon to be due baby in the birthing suite.

O’Callaghan, with the help of friends and family, began a massive legal battle to overturn the removal, and in doing so exposed the dark underbelly of the child removal “industry”. After winning her case, resulting in judicial reprimands for Social Services, she and her four children left the UK to rebuild their lives in New Zealand.

Now she’s told her dramatic story for the first time in the upcoming new book “Taken”, but needs to raise NZ$5,000 for printing costs.