The Ian Wishart radio show 4 October 2015 podcast – gun control

In today’s show:
We examine the aftermath of the Umpqua college shooting in the USA…it has brought predictable calls for gun control and some of those concerns are valid, but I’ve got a show today that might just make you question whether the answers are as simple as the media and President Obama suggest.

Does gun control work, or is it a false solution being sold to the public for another reason?

In this programme we’ll go over some facts and figures about gun violence, and you’ll hear an unmissable interview with gun control advocate Philip Alpers. If you believe in gun control, you need to hear this interview.

Also in the program, a round up of the latest climate change news, including a new scientific discovery casting some major doubt on the theory of global warming.

Still in science…Google wants to literally get inside your head by merging aritificial intelligence with humans to make us, quote unquote, “Godlike”,

And the VW emissions scandal just got deeper today…find out which four major car manufacturers have just been caught out….as lawyers suggest Volkswagen owners could be in line for thousands of dollars in compensation…we’ll have all the details later in the show, stay with us.


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  1. One thing you didn’t know about Australia and Britain and everybody forgets, is KNIFE CONTROL !!!

    Alike the pistols all being banned in 1902, Knives sometime long ago were banned from carry and particularly “concealed carry” as much as 50 years back and no more than a folding pocket knife no longer than 2 inches is allowed.
    Once in a while a warehouse worker is booked for having a packing – “wrapping knife”(set of blades joined as a single retractable blade sitting in a handle housing). I was nearly charged a Mc Donalds becuase i had my apron vest on during lunch and its over the road almost where i was working.

    October 4, 2015 – 5:42PM “Teen forced to strip down in bizarre late-night train attack in Sydney’s west”

    Around 30 percent of murders in Australia are knives, and 60-70 percent are point blank lethal force of some type(knives inclusive) non-firearm.

    Sept. 11, 2015, 2:21 p.m “Men charged in relation to double stabbing – Wentworthville”

    Sep 10, 2015 “Family mourn after grandmother and young boy allegedly murdered”

    july 2015 Corey Breen on way to kill mother (*and siblings) after murdering father and stepmother, court hears*

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