Committed to a fair, affordable & sustainable ACC

National will ensure New Zealanders continue to get access to fair and affordable no-fault, 24/7 cover with improvements in safety, rehabilitation and operational efficiency, National’s ACC spokesman Nick Smith says.

“National is about a fair balance between the right of claimants to proper accident compensation, and the costs of the scheme to households and businesses,” Dr Smith said.

“Our first term of work on ACC as a Government has been focused on reversing ACC’s massive losses of $7 billion incurred in Labour’s last three years of government when costs grew by 50 per cent. Our pragmatic reforms have got costs down by 15 per cent and improved rehabilitation rates have reduced the numbers on long-term compensation by 20 per cent.

“This turnaround has allowed for levy reductions for workers and employers meaning someone on the average wage will save $170 a year and an average business with seven employees will save $1120 a year in levies.

“While these results are pleasing there is more work to do. National will continue to drive further efficiencies in ACC. We will introduce choice to the ACC Work Account while retaining ACC in the market, and investigate introducing choice in the Motor Vehicle and Earners’ Accounts.

“Choice is the best way to keep the pressure on ACC to perform efficiently and avoid the repeated financial crises of its past. We think employers and the self-employed should have the option of choosing which company provides their accident insurance.

“Our goal is durable reforms that give New Zealanders safer workplaces, better rehabilitation and more efficient accident compensation.”