Goff Police claim yet another ‘made up fact’

Phil Goff’s bogus allegation of a Police recruitment freeze all next year is the latest example of making stuff up and story-telling from a desperate Labour Party, says National Party Campaign Chair Steven Joyce.

“Two days out from the election, and once again Phil Goff and Labour are caught in another porkie which doesn’t stand a moment’s public scrutiny,” says Mr Joyce.

“This pattern has continued throughout the campaign, with wildy-inflated claims about both their own policy and wild misinformation about National’s policies.

“National has compiled a list of Goff’s top dozen porkies on the campaign trail, and they are listed below. We warn there is still a day-and-a-half to go, so it is likely we will have to add still more to the list.”

• 12. Labour left the economy in good shape. WRONG – The economy had been in recession all year in 2008, floating mortgage rates were at 10.9 per cent, government spending was up 50 per cent in five years, and Treasury was forecasting debt to rise out of control forever.

• 11. National has cut hundreds of millions from early childhood education. WRONG – ECE funding has risen 40 per cent over the past three years.

• 10. ‘We will get back into surplus the same time as National.’ WRONG – Under any straightforward scrutiny of Labour’s revenue and expenditure numbers over the next four years.

• 9. ‘We will only borrow $2.6 billion more than National over the next three years.’ WRONG – Latest calculation is $15.6 billion extra over four years (excluding the Greens).

• 8. ‘Labour would forgo power company dividends and reduce prices.’ WRONG – Labour now says it will keep dividend income in government accounts.

• 7. ‘National will sell Kiwibank’ – WRONG

• 6. ‘Borrowing money to buy assets in the Super Fund is not borrowing.’ YEAH RIGHT

• 5. Fruit and vegetable prices ‘continue to spiral upward’. WRONG – currently same price as November 2008.

• 4. Prices have risen four times faster than wages in past three years WRONG – After tax wages up 18 per cent in last three years, prices up 8 per cent.

• 3. Mixed ownership means forgoing dividends of $6-700 million per year. WRONG – Actually, around $220 million per year, and save that amount at least in reduced interest.

• 2. The income gap with Australia has widened. WRONG – After tax incomes here have risen faster than Australia over the past three years.

• Police recruitment being cancelled for all of next year. WRONG – One intake only postponed two months because of increased staff retention.

“Labour said they would campaign on the issues, but in fact they’ve gone back to the old Labour way of making things up, and hoping if they make a false allegation often enough people would start to believe it.”

“With this latest allegation on Police recruitment, Labour’s desperation is really starting to show,” says Mr Joyce.