Lobby group Family First launches push to save Easter break

Worried that one of the last opportunities for a genuine family break is under threat, lobby group Family First is launching a campaign to support businesses who respect Easter.

“Easter is less than two weeks away! We need your help with our KEEP THE EASTER CULTURE campaign,” says Family First director Bob McCoskrie.

“There are many towns and many businesses throughout New Zealand who will still be closing for Easter Sunday (16 April) and giving families a break, despite the Government liberalising the laws. We’re aware that some major retail chains are also remaining closed – even in areas where Easter Sunday trading is allowed. Great for families! The Well Café in Stratford already has their poster front and center for their customers to see! (see above). We want to help all these businesses notify customers and their community that they’re putting families first this Easter weekend. Can you help us in your local area?”

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