Passenger video captures shipwreck terror, 3rd survivor rescued

Rome (dpa) – Firefighters in Italy on Sunday rescued a third survivor of a sunken cruise ship – a member of the Costa Concordia crew, the Ansa news agency reported.

The man, identified as Marrico Giampetroni, was reported to be in good condition.

Firefighters located the survivor after hearing noises coming from a partially flooded area of the ship.

Meanwhile a passenger video has captured the panic in the darkness as thousands of people on the stricken Costa Concordia tried to evacuate the vessel.

The ship was only two hours into its voyage when it hit rocks off the Italian island of Giglio, ripping a 50 metre hole in the hull. No evacuation drills had been carried out with the new passenger intake at this point, which heightened the confusion and fear.

Rescuers were earlier tonight trying to reach a trapped crew member in the ship whose voice they can hear.