Feminists plan pigtail protest over Prosser book

A group of feminists is threatening a “Pigtail Protest” over the publication of Uncommon Dissent, the newly-released book by New Zealand First MP Richard Prosser.

The book, a collection of Prosser’s opinions as an Investigate magazine columnist, hits bookshops nationwide this week but is already running into controversy over his description of Labour’s Helen Clark administration as the “hijacking of New Zealand” by “a conspiracy of Silly Little Girls”.

The book is about a whole range of thought-provoking topics, from the right to carry guns for self defence, to banning state asset sales and many more issues, based on the publisher’s website, as previously reported.

However, feminist website The Lady Garden is calling for a “Pigtail Protest”, and it’s even attracting attention from feminists in Australia. Other websites like The Hand Mirror and Facebook have also expressed displeasure overnight with the release of the new MP’s book.

Uncommon Dissent goes onsale this week in Whitcoulls, The Warehouse, Relay Airport Bookstores, PaperPlus, Take Note, Dymocks and independent bookshops nationwide.