Trade union waves lawsuit under God’s nose in ports dispute

The long running Ports of Auckland industrial dispute has taken possibly its wackiest turn yet, with a major trade union boss threatening to sue a Christian radio station for defamation.

The threat arose during discussion on Radio Rhema’s hard-hitting new morning show, where host Pat Brittenden was quizzing Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater about his decision to release employment and special leave details of a striking port worker and unionist.

I was in at Radio Rhema today doing my regular Thursday slot with Pat Brittenden.

When I arrived I was talking to the producer of his show and she played me an audio file of a voicemail message left by Helen Kelly.

In the audio she threatens Radio Rhema with legal action and questions why they continue to use me on their show.

At the end of the message she says if Radio Rhema fails to withdraw their interview with me from yesterday then they would serve papers on the station.

We discussed it in the panel.

So Helen Kelly doesn’t like me telling the truth about the wharfies and so she threatens a christian radio station. That’s like going down to the SPCA and kicking a kitten.

Slater has published audio of the stoush on his blog overnight.

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  1. Luke 10: 30-35 The parable of the good Samaratin.
    Is the Union embaressed by management helping its members? Can it not accept help graciously?
    Can we say that the union is in a “state of shock”, as would be an excuse after an accident? This does not enhance their image.

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