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Why do major infrastructure projects cost so much in New Zealand?  We need major investment in new roading infrastructure, but are New Zealanders being unwittingly fleeced of billions in the process?

What’s really going on at Fukushima and how could it affect us?

New Zealand authorities have, like their Japanese counterparts, tended to play down any safety risks from Fukushima. They may be correct that radiation leakage so far has been minor. But that doesn’t mean people can breathe a sigh of relief and move on. A full nuclear fire at the Fukushima reactor would be something the world has never seen, and likely to spew huge amounts of Caesium-137 and Strontium into the atmosphere.

What’s really been going on at Rio?

In 1992, it was the world conference that made US politician Al Gore a superstar and made global warming a buzz-phrase. Rio was hip, it was the place to be seen, and where lobbyists could get paid to be heard.

Twenty years later, with public belief in global warming sinking faster than ever, those same lobbyists are once again scrambling to regain traction in the battle for the hearts and minds of the public.

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