Missing toddler Alyssa Barker found safe

By Melissa Wishart
Kidnapped toddler Alyssa Barker has been found after a woman watching the 6pm news tonight realised the woman and child that were staying in her home were Skye Mason and the child she snatched.
The woman waited until the two were asleep before calling police at 9.15pm.
Alyssa Barker, whose face has been plastered across social media sites such as Facebook, was taken from her home in Makaurau around 3pm on Friday after Alyssa’s parents had taken pity on Mason for not having anywhere to sleep.
Mason has been taken into custody and Alyssa will soon be taken back to her parents.
Police said that Alyssa was well and didn’t appear to suffering any ill-effects, after having been missing for 36 hours.
Detective Inspector Stan Brow of Waitakere Police said he and his staff were delighted that they could return Alyssa to her family, and they were very grateful to media for their support.
“This is one story that does not have a tragic end for a child and for that, we are very happy.”
Mason has a history of mental illnesses as well as a small criminal history, according to police.