Global warming keeps South Africans shivering

Large parts of South Africa have been covered in a rare dump of global warming, aka ‘snow’.

Snow is so rare in the country they’re not sure officially how to handle it.

It’s part of an extreme cold snap which some climate change promoters have tried to insist is typical of global warming.

Most real scientists however say it’s simply weather.

In 2009 Saudi Arabia was hit by a rare snowfall as well, and the massive climate change conference at Copenhagen that year was brought to a standstill by subzero temperatures and a massive dump of snow soon after Inconvenient Truth novelist Al Gore arrived, prompting skeptics to joke about the ‘Gore effect’, whereby cooler temperatures seem to accompany climate change conventions.

There may be a more obvious cause however – despite rising CO2 levels the planet is not getting hotter.

Latest data has shown the world has not warmed significantly for 14 years now, and reduced solar activity is now being mooted as the possible instigator of a bout of planetary cooling that could last years, even decades.