I am woman, hear me snore

By Alisa Keall-Grant

Today is International Women’s Day – an awesome opportunity to take time out to appreciate the contribution that women make to our world! There’s a cool video for IWD here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaf_X9qSeVY

There’s no doubt that women make a huge contribution to our society, however, survey results have just been released that show that New Zealand women are not taking enough time out for themselves, many believing they’re ‘too busy’ for it.

The survey – conducted by Baileys – revealed that New Zealand women are increasingly finding it difficult to take time out for themselves. Half of all women have less than an hour to themselves a day, while 10% admit they have no time to themselves at all!

Alarmingly, over half of women feel guilty taking time out for themselves, despite 85% feeling more productive and clear-headed when they do.

Baileys is encouraging Kiwi women to take time out for themselves, an important thing to remember for our health and happiness – and especially pertinent during today’s celebration of women!