Spooky events on the set of TV smash, ‘The Bible”

The producer of this year’s most popular TV show has told Entertainment Weekly that “weird things” were happening on the set of his mini-series smash, The Bible.

The show’s first episode on cable TV attracted 13 million viewers last week, more than any other show.

Mark Burnett, the creator of TV’s ‘Survivor’ series, and his wife Roma Downey, co-produced the biblical epic, and he told EW of a number of unexplained events, including a windstorm on cue:

““There’s a scene with Jesus and Nicodemus, when Nicodemus comes to Jesus in the night. It’s a very still night, not a breath of wind, and we’re on the edge of the Sahara desert in a palm grove in an oasis… Jesus says, ‘The Holy Spirit is like the wind.’ At that moment, a wind, like as if a 747 was taking off, blew his hair, almost blew the set over and sustained for 20 seconds across the desert, and the actors didn’t break — they kept going. And everything stopped. Everyone just looked at everyone like, ‘What just happened?’”

No broadcast date has yet been set for New Zealand.