McDonalds ‘Hamburglars’ escape with workers loot after ‘bribing’ cops – Union

Unite Union has charged the police of bias against them during recent pickets outside McDonald’s stores and asks if this is because they get at least a 50% discount off all meals at the fast food giant.

“Union members have told us that they have been ordered to give the discount to police,” says Unite National Director Mike Treen. “Some members were also upset that the policy did not apply to ambulance officers whose jobs are equally important.
“I have already written to the police to complained about their aggressive and biased policing tactics during recent pickets in Auckland. (See
“It seems reasonable to ask if this police behavior is not at least in part the result of the special treatment and favors they receive from the company.”
The official police code of conduct states that “no member of police shall solicit for personal gain, or accept a discount on any goods or services where that discount is offered because that person is a member of police”. (See
Police have been banned from accepting such discounts overseas.
“The union will be writing to the company to ask them to stop the discount policy to remove the perception of bias,’ said Mr Treen.