Sandy Hook shooting victims’ families may get $281,000 each

Families of the 26 victims of the school shootings in Connecticut may receive $281,000 (USD) each under a proposal by a donations distribution committee.

The proposal was presented Thursday at a public hearing, by the committee created by Newtown-Sandy Hook Community Foundation Inc. to decide how to distribute $7.7 million that donated to the victims of the Dec. 14 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, The Hartford Courant reported.

Under the proposal, the families of the 26 victims would receive $281,000 each, while the 12 families of children who survived the shootings would each receive $20,000.

Two teachers who were wounded by the gunman, Adam Lanza, will split $150,000.

Kenneth Feinberg, a lawyer some families wanted appointed to distribute the money, said the committee would likely finalize the plan by Monday and families would be required to file their claims by Aug. 2.

“The money will be out the door to the families by Aug. 15,” Weinberg said. “No amount of money is adequate to deal with these horrors. The money is a pretty poor substitute, but that’s what we have.”