Questions Auckland Mayor Len Brown needs to answer over affair

While Auckland mayor Len Brown is not the first married leader to have an extra-marital affair, this one has the makings of a sizeable political scandal.

Brown has admitted the two year affair but is refusing to comment further. However, some of the allegations demand answers.


It is alleged Brown used hotel rooms for the affair. Were these paid personally or on his council credit card? Which hotels were involved, what corroboration exists?

Council staff were asked to assist in arranging sexual rendezvous opportunities: true or false?

Sex acts took place in the mayoral office during working hours: true or false?

Sex acts took place in areas of cultural significance: true or false?

Did Mayor Brown threaten the employment of Bevan Chuang if she revealed their affair?

If any of the above allegations are true, voters would have good reason to seriously question the judgment of Auckland’s mayor. By turning his private affair into a public spectacle on public premises, Len Brown would have made himself a laughing stock. If ratepayer money or resources, or improper pressure, were involved, he should go.

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  1. This disgusting, disgraceful sex fiend! intends to stay on as mayor…May as well call Tamaki Makaurau Sex City of Sales.

    Bad enough the Wellington Chow Brother’s are setting up a Sky High Sex for Sale whore house up there in Tamaki Makaurau

    Defiling the Ngati Whatua room will now hold significance and be seen as the sex chamber of Leg Over Mayor Brown instead of Knees up Mother Brown.

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