‘Are there more?’: Is Auckland mayor Len Brown about to have a Tiger Woods moment?

Auckland mayor Len Brown may have more skeletons in his closet than his affair with Bevan Chuang.

That’s the speculation mounting publicly tonight on talk radio and on Facebook, after Brown failed to answer a question on TV’s Campbell Live about whether there were any more women who might come forward.

The journalist who broke the story has tonight alleged Mayor Brown may have slept with other women as well.


Brown campaigned on a family values platform in the election and won the mayoralty for a second term last weekend with a 50,000 vote majority.

His wife had only just been treated for cancer when the affair with Bevan Chuang began.

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  1. Is Mr Brown a sociopath? There are signs he is a classic “Snake in a Suit” and meets many of the criteria for a sociopathic personality disorder-most definitely not the right person to have as Mayor but more importantly-a cruel husband. His wife will only suffer more and its best she gets out now and seeks support from a counselor who understands sociopathy. The daughters must also be carefully protected from his manipulation.

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