Opinion: Would you shake hands with Len Brown?

By Chris Taylor

Although there so far has been no mention of the Mayoral chains being used in any of his liaisons Len’s certainly helped write the most sordid chapter in the book of NZ political scandal which could be fittingly named Fifty shades of Brown.

As most shocked citizens at face value I think what he did was a blatant abuse of his position of power in the great tradition of white upper-class hypocrisy.

Having shamefully come from a family line of philandering gent’s who preferred to live behind their lies and never admit any wrong doing against their spouse or children the subject is close to my heart. It is therefore refreshing to see a man of prominence immediately publically fess up to his mistakes… although he was a cornered love-rat caught with his pants down.

The controversial question still remains – is a man who lies and cheats on his family still fit to run the Super city?

According to widespread news media opinion we the NZ public are apparently more understanding and forgiving of our governing powers moral shortcomings than in the US or Britain and don’t necessarily believe that a politician’s private horn-dogging life clouds their capacity to run a responsible office. It’s been done before without too much controversy a la David Lange.

Although in reality this does not relate to a recent NZ Herald poll which revealed from over 30,000 votes – 57% of us think Brown should stand down, as per the apparent cracks in his poor judgment and character.

It’s probable that if the dirt had been slung and stuck a few weeks earlier it would have had a major adverse impact on shocked and stunned casting voters… and “two minute Brown” wouldn’t have secured a second term in public office.

The critical issue comes down to trust and the content of the man’s character.

Abraham Lincoln once boldly stated that “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power”.

Although he is now in infamous good company along with JFK, Bill Clinton, Governor Schwarzenegger, and aptly named New York mayoral campaigner Anthony Weiner.

Morally at the end of the day true character is what we are when nobody is watching, not what the political media spin machine want us to see or believe.

For Len Brown he has been exposed as to what he does in private and we’re unfortunately  left with mental images we’d rather not be reminded of – from pants down around his ankles in the bowels of the town hall, to playing with himself while on the phone to his mistress while playing Mayor.