Right to Life gives abortion panel a serve

By Ken Orr

Right to Life asks when is Parliament going to demand that the Abortion Supervisory hold certifying consultants accountable for the lawfulness of the abortions that they authorise. Dame Linda Holloway, the chairwoman of the committee, was quoted in a revealing statement  in the Sunday Star Times on 13 October, that the Committee does not support any attempts to change the abortion law for fear that it might be more restrictive of the killing of the unborn.

Dame Holloway said that any move towards liberalisation would be a, “difficult political argument and from a pro choice position it doesn’t really matter.”  and..

“The chances of changing the abortion laws in New Zealand at this time are sub-zero. At the moment we have assured successive ministers of justice that we can operate under the law as it is. “ and ..

“If we start opening the whole thing up to do new legislation my concern is that we might end up with something that is worse than what we have got. The chances of that are quite high.” Dame Holloway said she would prefer to “soldier on”. “If I thought we could get a perfect world I would be all for it.”

Dame Holloway states that,” from a pro choice position it doesn’t really matter.” Why does it not matter? Because, with the active support of the Committee we have had since 1978, seen the killing of the unborn on request, with every woman who seeks an abortion having one, sanctioned and funded by the state.

The Committee is failing abjectly in its duty to women. It should be a strong and courageous  advocate for the protection of women from violence. It should be the champion and protector of  unborn children, who are the weakest and most defenceless members of the human family. Why is the Committee not doing this? The Committee was not appointed to be an advocate  for the so called “right to choose” by women to kill their children. A choice often made by others, the father of the child who threatens to abandon the mother if she does not consent to the killing of her child and friends and family.

Abortion is violence against women and their unborn. Society is appalled that  ancient civilisations offered up human sacrifice to appease the deity of the underworld, yet today in our cities we have killing centres with abortionists, the new high priests offering up the human sacrifice of innocent and defenceless unborn on the altar of “reproductive freedom”.  History tells us that  civilisations that killed their own children were destroyed. A nation that destroys its own children does not have a future.

It was evident to the Supreme Court that the Committee was not ensuring that the right to life of unborn was being protected. Right to Life asks why is the Committee  not fulfilling its statutory duty as directed by the Supreme Court in its judgment of August 2012? The Court directed the Committee to hold certifying consultants accountable for the lawfulness of the abortions that they authorise. When is Parliament going to demand that the Committee stop the unlawful killing of children before birth?