Mayor’s sex romps provoke Sky Casino conflict of interest questions

Auckland mayor Len Brown’s receipt of free hotel rooms at Sky City Casino for sex romps with his mistress are a massive conflict of interest, says public affairs watchdog Penny Bright.

Bright, who polled fourth in the race for the Auckland mayoralty, is a long time anti-corruption investigator who argues Brown’s moral debt to Sky City Casino conflicts with the Council’s role in approving the proposed Casino extensions.

Bright is also demanding to know why Police and its organised crime offshoot OFCANZ failed to do their statutory duty and investigative the money laundering implications of the Sky City Convention Centre deal.

Under the law, all such activities are supposed to be scrutinised but OFCANZ has admitted it failed to make any investigation. Bright says its ironic that teams of helicopters and SWAT police could be roped in by OFCANZ to raid the mansion of a dotcom pirate on copyright charges, whilst the country’s biggest casino has not been scrutinised by the agency tasked to do so, and its donations to MP John Banks and free rooms for Len Brown raise “glaring conflict of interest” questions, says Bright.