Former talkback host Ian Wishart back on the air tonight

Journalist and author Ian Wishart is back with a new radio talkshow, ten years after last gracing a studio.

Wishart, who took his Radio Pacific 7pm-10pm slot to #1 nationally in 2003, quit talk radio in 2004 to concentrate on magazine publishing.

The new show, ‘Talking Matters’, goes live at 10pm tonight on the internet radio broadcast network,, and can be accessed by anyone with an Android or Apple device, or with a computer.

Wishart says digital broadcasting offers advantages.

“You reach both a national and international audience, and its really easy for people to listen wherever it is most convenient.”

In the first show, Wishart interviews anti-fluoridation scientist Paul Connett, discusses and takes questions on his new book Totalitaria and the issues of the day, and interviews conservationist Bill Benfield about a controversial new theory on native forests and the use of 1080 poison. He also has the first ever broadcast interview in NZ with musician Al Stewart, best remembered for his Year of the Cat album.

The show kicks off at 10pm, NZDT

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  1. Listening to your show tonight… you are coming through in mono (left speaker in my headphones) by the way.

    Anyway, to today’s subject – Fluoridation.
    I have been a fluoride skeptic for several decades, having heard of Mr Colqehoun (sorry about spelling) away back. Just recently there was a web debate in quite a few ‘episodes’ on a local ‘scientific’ blog. See
    I only skim-read it, as it got quite detailed. Now I am pretty much neutral on the issue, as I don’t see there is a strong case for or against fluoridation. The only thing I agree with is that ingestion of extra fluoride should be optional for each household.

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