On the Ian Wishart radio show this week

Sex education lessons in a South Island primary school outrage parents and prompt a board member to quit in protest. Then there are Act leader Jamie Whyte’s comments on incest and whether it should still be a criminal offence. Throw in Belgium’s decision to euthanise children, and there’s a lot to talk about.

Also in this week’s show…a Victoria University study on Facebook bullying shows people online are quick to join the rest of the pack if they sense blood in the wind – a timely reminder in the wake of Charlotte Dawson’s death.

We also discuss Christopher Booker’s recent commentary in The Spectator, about the rise of Totalitaria in Europe:

“However carefully this was concealed, the aim, right from the start, was step by step to pass ever more powers to the centre, eliminating national vetoes – until their [European] Commission, run by unelected officials, could come fully into the open as the supranational ‘government of Europe’.

“There was no principle more sacred to the European construction, as it was called in Brussels, than the acquis communautaire: the unshakeable rule that once powers were acquired by the centre they could never be given back. And thus, over the next 60 years, did the long dreamed-of ‘United States of Europe’ gradually take shape, extending its powers treaty by treaty, over ever more areas of government, embracing ever more of the countries of Europe in a way which, back in 1957, would have seemed unimagineable…

“Now that even senior officials in Brussels feel free to talk openly about wanting to build a ‘United States of Europe’ we really do need at last to wake up to the reality of what we are up against. We are facing the endgame. The time for deception, and self-deception, is over.” – Chris Booker

Chilling words, echoing what we’ve published in Totalitaria with regard to the global takeover now underway.

Finally, in this week’s Ian Wishart show on Live365.com, the most hilarious story you will hear all year, quite possibly.

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