Possible aircraft wreckage found in Indian ocean – largest is 24m long

Four Australian air force Orions, and more from New Zealand and the United States, are converging on an area of ocean southwest of Perth where possible wreckage from Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 has been located.

Two objects, described as “indistinct” but large, have been spotted partially submerged in the Indian ocean by satellite.

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott says the intelligence is credible enough to scramble the air forces of three countries and call in nearby merchant shipping, although he told the Australian parliament this afternoon there was always a chance the debris would be unrelated to the search for the missing jetliner.

239 passengers and crew are on the flight that disappeared March 8.

The largest piece of debris is 24 metres long (79 feet), with a smaller object beside it.

Australian air force Orions are on the scene, we will have more information as it comes to hand.