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Fire or hijack?

If the Aussie debris turns out to be wreckage…then this debate about fire vs something else will become central. As I understand it the black box and cockpit voice recorders will disclose almost nothing if this was an unconscious crew on a flame out.

That’s because the data recorders capture the most recent time period before plane crashes. In this case, some seven hours have elapsed, possibly with no conversation. I’m guessing forensics will play a bigger role than recorders IF this is indeed wreckage.



Offended by halal killing

Im disgusted, Ian Wishart you may be interested to know that we are eating Halal killed beef (exsanguinated while alive – alarming to a victim as any paramedic will know) without being told. Its in our supermarkets unlabelled… as technically because it will be displayed alongside some non Halal meet its no longer strictly Halal. How to find out which Supermarkets??????

These cows spurt blood staying conscious as their heart pumps it out for up to 2 minutes. Our law since 2012 is that these “Halal” animals must be stunned but this does not meet Sharia requirements to be fully conscious. Video smuggled out from the works here shows a conscious cow being killed with no stun gun in sight.
I suspect they are stunning them an hour earlier or something, not immediately prior as regulations require, as a way to enable this industry.

Seriously I want to change citizenship if we’ve become the “torture for money” capital. The UK discovered its citizens were being fed torture victims a year or two ago too. See next post for proof they are feeding us Halal victims. This cant be allowed, Im gonna pursue it to find out the truth. Even if it is stunned its still not cool to be putting it on shelves unlabelled, its still cruel – and why would you eat meat that has been given to Allah as it was cruelly killed – that is not ok for most atheists I wouldnt think to be participant in perverted bloodletting rites.—tells-public.html



Obama A Pigeon?

I ROFLD when I read this…candidate for quote of the week even if from questionable provenance:

You might have seen blogs that claim Vladimir Putin said this about Obama:

“Negotiating with Obama is like playing chess with a pigeon. The pigeon knocks over all the pieces, shits on the board, and then struts around like it won the game.”

Although Snopes says Putin didn’t say that, the quote attributed to Putin has gained currency because it so perfectly describes the POTUS.


A new spin on confined-to-the-doghouse

Snake’s on a chain…


Feminist/atheist calls out colleagues on sex-ed fiasco

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