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  • Sourced from the 'signed as true and correct' witness statements taken at the time of the murders
  • Memories were fresh, not five or 18 years old (MOTB and Doubt TV interviews)
  • Discover what those closest to Watson - those who knew him best - thought about his capacity to murder
  • Contains explosive, corroborated new information: Watson never repainted his boat at Erie Bay
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    What others say about Ian Wishart's books:

    “Undeniably…when Wishart hits he hits big. Arthur Allan Thomas: The Inside Story is a book two generations of New Zealanders have waited for…Wishart…offers an explosive new theory about who pulled the trigger of the gun that killed the Crewes in their Pukekawa farmhouse and theorises about the mystery woman who fed their infant daughter, Rochelle, for days after the murders.…With his thorough analysis of the evidence and his generous use of first-person accounts it’s a stellar piece of journalism…” – Southland Times

    “Wishart has a brand new prime suspect and he lays out his case in this fascinating and highly readable book. Wishart is painstaking in his investigation, and his interviews with the man at the centre of the case, Arthur Thomas, offer a remarkable insight into one of New Zealand‘s most memorable characters. ” – Kerre McIvor, Newstalk ZB

    “Wishart’s report of Detective Sergeant Len Johnston’s brazen arrogance collecting items for later use as evidence from Thomas’s farm – pieces of wire, .22 shells and axle stubs – exposes a dark and scary side to our guardians.

    “Through the book Wishart lays the ground for his claim that John­ston was actually the murderer and by his position on the inquiry team and proximity to Hutton, was able to influence an outcome which saw Thomas convicted twice of a double murder. Wishart’s conclusions are disturbingly possible in my view.

    “The question of to what extent Hutton had the wool pulled over his eyes by Johnston is moot. Based on Wishart’s debunking of transcripts and evidence previously recorded, I think Hutton could well have been fooled by his best mate. Which means so too were the rest of the team deluded.” – former Det. Insp. Ross Meurant, NZ Herald

    “My first degree was in Human Biology, and now as an Associate Professor I teach courses on evidence and research methodology... I came to the book familiar with Wishart’s science books. I knew he would be readable, courteous, firm, and well referenced. Wishart is well acquainted both with the science and the politics of medicine. He presents the science so that non-technical people can see the point, and technical people can have precision and detail.” - Ivan Lowe, University of Tunis

    “The book has real value” – Larry Williams, Newstalk ZB

    “I found it an incredibly surprising book, and a very relevant book, and a very important book”. – Anna Smart, Newstalk ZB

    “I had no particular views on the case before this book came out but I have to say it’s a powerful read. An influential read, one might say…All those people who poured out their invective when it became known the book was about to hit the book shops really should just read it for themselves. It may not be quite what they think.” – Helen Hill, The Marlborough Express

    ... a chilling narrative and the most important I have read." - Southland Times

    “Actually, the rumours of Wishart’s death as an investigative journalist turn out to be greatly exaggerated. Breaking Silence will likely enhance his reputation considerably. As we said at the outset – we are very, very glad to have read the book.” – John Tertullian, Contra Celsum



    If you've got questions about the Scott Watson case, you're not alone. It's one of the most controversial murder cases in NZ history. But are you going to continue to base your opinions on uninformed hearsay - or on the earliest and freshest memories: the witness statements collected and signed as "true and correct" by the people who made them?

    Keith Hunter wrote a book claiming Scott Watson was innocent, and he began that book by attacking police descriptions of Watson as 'psychopathic', calling it untrue and a monstrous "defamation" of Watson.

    Hunter's book and taxpayer-funded documentary convinced hundreds of thousands of people Watson was not guilty, and formed the basis of the recent TV movie "Doubt".

    In Elementary, Ian Wishart asks the question, was Hunter right? Is Scott innocent? He begins by re-examining Hunter's first claim - that Watson is just a bicycle thief, not a dangerous psychopath.

    Once that evidence is laid out in detail, Wishart dissects the rest of Hunter's arguments, from resemblance to the mystery man to the involvement of a mystery ketch, to the fundamental question: how did Watson get back to Blade?

    Elementary 2.1 and 2.2 contain the full testimony of the most important witnesses of all - water taxi passengers Hayden Morresey and Sarah Dyer.

    You've heard it said that the three witnesses on the taxi were adamant they pulled up to a ketch. Discover for yourself whether that claim is true.

    PLUS: Arthur Allan Thomas - absolutely FREE. This offer will not be repeated. It's now or never:


    5.0 out of 5 stars Finally some light is shed

    on October 13, 2016

    Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase

    If you wish to form an opinion on this historic case - please read this book! It is the most comprehensive review of the evidence without all the theatre of previous 'expozays' or documentaries. Wishart himself recants his previous views based on the new evidence and forms a chilling, yet practical picture of what occurred on that New Year's Day at Furneaux lodge. I believe this story still has parts left to play out.. Conan99
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