Kenyan man suspected of trying to sell a teenage albino boy’s body parts

By Michael Logan

Nairobi/Dar es Salaam (dpa) – Tanzanian police are holding a

Kenyan man on suspicion of attempting to sell a teenage albino for

his body parts, reports said Wednesday.

   Attacks against albinos have risen in East Africa, particularly in

Tanzania, where witchdoctors use their body parts for potions they

say bring health and wealth.

   Tanzania’s Daily News said that Kenyan citizen Nathan Mtei was

arrested near the town of Mwanza for allegedly trying to sell a young

albino man for 400 million shillings (263,000 dollars).

   Mtei allegedly took his would-be victim over the border on the

pretext of getting him a job as a driver.

   Tanzania is trying to crack down on the trade after dozens of

albinos were killed for their body parts in the last few years.