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Australian edition

The Boy Racer Problem: March 05

August 13, 2007 InvestigateDesign 0

OUT OF CONTROL Horrific road smashes involving young drivers are increasingly dominating news coverage on both sides of the Tasman. In New Zealand, we’ve introduced ‘boy racer’ laws and extensive restrictions on young drivers, prompting […]

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April 04 issue


March 6, 2007 InvestigateDesign 0

The Civil Union Bill is be-ing promoted as reasonable legislation, to rectify civil rules and regulations that allegedly discriminate against homosexuals and lesbians. Many New Zealanders, including senior politicians from other parties, are supportive, believing […]

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June 06 issue


March 3, 2007 InvestigateDesign 1

THE INVESTIGATE INTERVIEW RIGHTS TO SUE The Green MP behind the smacking law change INTRO: Sue Bradford is a driven woman. Quite happy to give the police a bit of biffo in days of yore, […]

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Alcohol & Drugs

The Case for ADHD: Jan 07 issue

January 29, 2007 InvestigateDesign 0

THE CASE FOR ADHD Claire Morrow examines the Attention Deficit controversy Q: How many kids with ADHD does it take to change a light-bulb? A: Let’s ride our bikes! Of course children like to ride […]

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Genetic Modification

Dioxin’s Toxic Legacy: Jan 07 issue

January 26, 2007 InvestigateDesign 0

A TOXIC LEGACY UPI’s Christine Dell’amore profiles new research on Dioxin’s reproductive dangers New evidence on the effects of dioxin in the Vietnam-era herbicide Agent Orange suggests the chemical interferes with the reproductive systems of […]