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Alcohol & Drugs

The Case for ADHD: Jan 07 issue

January 29, 2007 InvestigateDesign 0

THE CASE FOR ADHD Claire Morrow examines the Attention Deficit controversy Q: How many kids with ADHD does it take to change a light-bulb? A: Let’s ride our bikes! Of course children like to ride […]

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When laptops go bang

January 29, 2007 InvestigateDesign 0

When laptops go bang Alex Goldfayn assesses the risks of inflight fires caused by laptop batteries Distraught and scrambling off the United Airlines plane, the man ran out of the jet bridge past passengers waiting […]

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Genetic Modification

Dioxin’s Toxic Legacy: Jan 07 issue

January 26, 2007 InvestigateDesign 0

A TOXIC LEGACY UPI’s Christine Dell’amore profiles new research on Dioxin’s reproductive dangers New evidence on the effects of dioxin in the Vietnam-era herbicide Agent Orange suggests the chemical interferes with the reproductive systems of […]

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Jan 07 issue

Curacao: Jan 07 issue

January 25, 2007 InvestigateDesign 0

Under the peel in Curacao: The sweet parts of an island that’s not just beaches and banks Toni Salama discovers an unspoilt Caribbean paradise WILLEMSTAD, Curacao – The fruit of the laraha orange tastes so […]