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Simply The World's Best Outdoor Phone: Blackview BV8000 Pro

  • Farmproof: "The phone you sent me is fantastic!" - Nigel L, Auckland
  • Tradeproof: "This phone is awesome!" - Vasily K, Auckland
  • Teenager-proof: "It didn't smash when my friend threw it on the concrete!"
  • Lifeproof: "New phone is great, It’s 16:20 and I still have 73% battery! My other phone would be half way through its second charge already." - Richard M, Dunedin
  • "we would like to order another nine of these Blackviews for the rest of our workforce" - Ian C, Auckland

If you're a tradie, a farmer or a high school student, you know how to give a phone a hard time. We're sure you've had a few 'break-ups', but we guarantee you've never dated a phone this tough:

Step 1: Watch Incredible Torture Test VideoStep 2: Order your new Blackview phone

More RAM (6GB) than a Galaxy S8. Lightning fast octa-core 2.6GHz Helio processor. 64GB internal storage. External storage capacity up to 256GB micro SD. 16MP Samsung camera rear/8MP Samsung camera front. Full HD 5" screen. IP68 Waterproof and Dustproof. Shock resistant. Fingerprint security. Face unlock. Blue light filter. Google Play. Long life battery. 12 mth NZ warranty. Tax and GST deductible for business use. Don't pay $1,500 for 4GB/64GB Galaxy S8 Active, or $1,000 for a 3GB/32GB Cat S60. BLACKVIEW 6GB/64GB ONLY $699 today!

Check out the battery life

Came off charge at 7am. By 10pm, 61% still left on battery.


NZ's #1 selling rugged outdoor phone

4G on all NZ networks

Can use Spark's new 4.5G frequency band

Trusted NZ warranty and Auckland service centre

Genuine factory-sourced model, not cheap knock-off

Our prices include NZ GST and are fully tax deductible for business use. We make sure the particular model variants we sell are the ones tuned to NZ mobile frequencies. And we make sure that if you order today, you'll have your phone in two-days to a week in many cases, not four weeks by slow surface 'free' shipping. In short, buying from us is risk-free. We guarantee you will get your phone, and we guarantee it will work. On every NZ network.

Photos taken with Blackview's Samsung camera by users.

I used to run a Galaxy S6. Now I run a Blackview and I love it. In fact we have three deployed in our InvestigateDaily and Outdoor Phone Store offices.  If you need expert advice on which outdoor phone is right for you, call us on 0800 747 007

Ian Wishart Ian Wishart

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