New health book finds solid scientific support for real food low-carb diet (FREE DOWNLOAD below)

A major new book rolling out worldwide finds overwhelming scientific support for the principles of the real whole food, Paleo, and low carb diets, and has devastating revelations about the real dangers of so-called 'healthy' diets.

  • A low salt diet can triple your risk of dying young
  • A low fat/high carb diet is much more likely to kill you than a high fat diet
  • Doctors got it wrong on cholesterol - it's good for you!
  • Cooking in polyunsaturated vegetable oils and margarines is more harmful than cooking in saturated fats
  • Chocolate helps you burn fat, reverses ageing at a cellular level and removes wrinkles in clinical trials
  • If you want to know exactly why paleo works and the peer-reviewed medical science that backs up the claims, you absolutely have to read Show Me The Money Honey

Ian Wishart is back with an explosive new book about to be released across Australia, the USA, Canada and the UK: Show Me The Money, Honey - The Truth About Big Pharma's War On Salt, Chocolate, Cholesterol & The Natural Health Products That Could Save Your Life. As the title suggests, the book blows apart 50 years of traditional health messaging, revealing that the war on salt, saturated fats and cholesterol was based on flawed science and turns out to have been deadly health advice.

Low salt diets: much more likely to kill you
Low fat diets: much more likely to kill you
Low cholesterol levels: much more likely to kill you
Saturated fat: better for you than vegetable fats
Paleo diet: more likely to keep you alive and kicking

It turns out we didn't know in the 1960s what we know now, and five decades of medical policy has been based on a massive mistake. Read the peer-reviewed science that backs all this up. If you want to know when and where you can get hold of a copy of Show Me The Money, Honey, get A FREE DOWNLOAD of an extract from the upcoming book. Show Me The Money Honey will change your life - guaranteed.

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Covers: cholesterol, salt, chocolate, green tea, black tea, coffee, saturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, omega-6, omega-3, manuka honey, astaxanthin, resveratrol, vitamin C & more

What others say about Ian Wishart's books:

“My first degree was in Human Biology, and now as an Associate Professor I teach courses on evidence and research methodology... I came to the book familiar with Wishart’s science books. I knew he would be readable, courteous, firm, and well referenced. Wishart is well acquainted both with the science and the politics of medicine. He presents the science so that non-technical people can see the point, and technical people can have precision and detail.” - Ivan Lowe, University of Tunis

“...another masterpiece of scientific reason...please read this book.” - Professor David Bellamy, England

"I strongly recommend this book" - Dr William B. Grant, Science Director, Vitamin D Council, USA stars1