Blackview BV9900 Pro, 8GB/128GB FLIR – why we’re not selling this model: click to read


It’s a great phone, but it’s no good for trade and industrial use. Firstly its battery only has half the life of the BV9800 models. Secondly,  to make matters worse this phone is glued shut, making it very, very expensive to fix if something goes wrong. Additionally, breaking the hermetic seal means the phone will permanently lose its water and dustproofing the first time it has to be opened up.

Given that people are buying these phones to use in wet or dusty environments, that’s a big problem. It makes this particular Blackview as useless to industry as glued-shut Ulefones or Doogees.

Our technical team won’t touch this model, and if we won’t then it’s highly unlikely any other repair centre in New Zealand will either.

We are sticking with the BV9800 Pro FLIR as a reliable, fully serviceable phone that has much better battery life. We can’t in good conscience charge our clients a thousand dollars for a phone that can’t be repaired without losing its ruggedness.

UPDATE: See the new flagship, the Oukitel WP7: with infrared night vision, an 8000 mAh long life battery and many more advanced features, it’s the phone you need instead of the 9900 Pro.

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