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This is the updated version of The Divinity Code.

For 2000 years, debate has raged – who is Jesus Christ? Is he a great teacher or is he God? Is there even a reason to believe in God in our modern scientific world?

In the past decade, the war on Belief has become more vocal with the rise of ‘New Atheism’ advocates like Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and the late Christopher Hitchens. Throw in media favourites like John Spong, Karen Armstrong or Lloyd Geering, and you’d be forgiven for thinking the atheists had won, the debate was over.

Except for one thing. The atheists got it wrong.

Investigative journalist Ian Wishart decided to put the best arguments against Christianity to the test. What he found will stun you. None of the most quoted evidence against Jesus Christ or the existence of God stands up to close scrutiny.

Whether you’re a Christian or not, your questions, and the answers, are here.

“One of the best Christian apologetic books I have read”
– The NZ Catholic

“He takes the “inaccuracies” of Dawkins, Hitchens, Harris, Spong
and others and pulls them apart, looking deep into the facts
and issues around them and explaining with clarity the real
story that is behind them. The second half of the book deals
much more specifically with the Biblical claims (the existence of
Christ, His resurrection, miracles and prophecy are all included)”
– The Bible Geek


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