COVID-19 Face Masks


The facts about face masks…why we use them:

While it’s true that a medical mask won’t prevent you from inhaling a virus, they do reduce your risk in clinical trials and even these basic masks are almost as good as the much more expensive N95 respirator masks. (see study here:

Face masks are especially important for people who do have coughs, because they cut the amount of viral dispersion – so wearing masks helps protect all of us by reducing the spread of viruses in store, in the workplace or during self isolation at home. They don’t eliminate the risk but they do reduce it.

You don’t wear a mask to prevent catching Covid-19, you wear it to protect the community.

This is a box of 50, airfreighted in from overseas suppliers so it’s a sustainable supply chain and it is not putting pressure on medical equipment suppliers in NZ who need to keep the healthcare system in stock.

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