Elementary 2.0: The Unreleased Police Evidence On The Scott Watson Case




Police Witness Statements Inside

For nearly two decades, authors and documentary-makers have given you their own versions of the Scott Watson evidence, sometimes based on faded memories of people interviewed five or six years after the events in question.

Now, for the first time, with the release here you can read exactly what key witnesses told police, and judge for yourself whether others have quoted them correctly.

What did Guy Wallace, Hayden Morresey and Sarah Dyer really see when they dropped Ben & Olivia off to a mystery boat? Why did Wallace tell police that Watson’s boat Blade was “very similar” to the mystery vessel? Which star witness positively identified Blade being repainted by the mystery man at Picton?

Regardless of whether you believe Watson is guilty or innocent, the release of these key documents will show once and for all whose stories have changed over time, and what the witnesses really said.

What you are about to read may challenge everything you thought you knew about this highly controversial murder case…


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