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Eve’s Bite by Ian Wishart

Reviewed by Jo Beresford, Times-Age, Masterton

If the author’s name sounds familiar it’s because Ian Wishart is a nationally-acclaimed television, radio and magazine journalist. This includes his magazine, Investigate.

He self-proclaims this new morsel to his repertoire as, “the most politically incorrect book” in New Zealand. He is absolutely right. While the mainstream news media is forced to meet its news quota on a daily basis, sometimes merely touching on the main points of a hurriedly-compiled report, Wishart has taken his time compiling a frighteningly well-researched book.

His study calls to account some of the less-than-savoury elements of not just New Zealand but the entire Western world’s increasingly liberal morals and politics. He covers abortion, teenage sexual education, the impact of radical Islam at our doorstep, homosexuality, genetic testing and more.

One of his concerns is the Government’s use of state education to nurture and encourage tolerance of some of the abovementioned topics. He also muses whether today’s sexual freedom is actually as liberating as one might think. Perhaps muse is not the right word; before you get ready to write him off as one man with bigoted opinions, take the time to digest the facts he presents.

His research is deep and thorough. How many times has anyone caught themselves before making a comment in public that may be construed as racist, sexist, conservative or homophobic? There is an apparent undercurrent of fear in this country but Wishart dares to speak out and speak loudly.

As a fairly liberal thinker myself (apparently this is to be expected as I am a Gen-Xer who has gone through the aforementioned education system), I was shocked to find myself not only agreeing with a lot of what Wishart says, but felt a new sense of awakening – the fire in the belly sort of stuff – protesting, opining and the rest. I have been compelled to mention this book at every social occasion I have been to recently because Eve’s Bite is so deliciously full of juicy conversation starters.

Why does family planning not provide ultrasounds to women thinking of terminating their pregnancy, so they can actually see the life forming within and make their decision based on that? How come the Government Hubba website, which promotes condom use as “safe sex”, fails to point out regardless of use many STIs will still be contracted? Should male gay couples be allowed to adopt children when statistics show that even those males in comfortable committed relationships have a much higher rate of infidelity than heterosexual couples?

According to Wishart, research shows that less than 1 percent of the population actually classify themselves as gay. Why do people need to be classified or trapped in a minority at all?

What about the refusal of companies to say ‘Merry Christmas’ instead of ‘Happy Holidays’, just in case they offend the one percent of the population that identifies as Muslim.

How about the majority who do observe Christmas? He points out that Muslims, who identify Jesus as a prophet in Islam, probably shake their heads in bewilderment at the political correctness shaping Western society.

He also critically compares some of our politicians’ statements regarding proposals for state education, with that of the Nazi propaganda of World War II. Scarily enough, much of what he says has a ring of truth about it.

Prepare to be surprised and shocked. Wishart may ruffle a few feathers but his arguments are fair as his evidence proves. If you are looking for a stimulating mental challenge, or a cause to fight for, Eve’s Bite will definitely satisfy.

Published Wairarapa Times-Age, May 26 2007
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Early reader feedback and comments on Eve’s Bite

I bought the book the day it came out. I have introduced so many people to it who have subsequently bought its unreal.

Best book of the last decade maybe last 50 years. Quote me

Regards, Bill McCarthy (Best selling NZ Author 2000)

Here’s what Jim, a caller to Newstalk ZB, thought of Eve’s Bite:

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“Love your new book Eve’s Bite, have had opportunity to read various chapters and am finishing this in full but it is powerful and so timely. I share your thoughts on these matters entirely” – EO, lawyer

“Brilliant book mate. Send me 20” – RM, Auckland

“Have already read the book, amazing, eye opening, very impressive and not a little scary” – PP, Christchurch

“By accident I picked up a copy of Eve’s Bite (well displayed at Whitcoulls). CONGRATULATIONS ON A WELL WRITTEN AND THOUGHT PROVOKING BOOK.” NW, university lecturer

“Thanks for a stimulating read” – PS, Wanganui

“Congratulations on your latest book and saying what has been needed to be said for a very long time. I wish I had enough cash to provide each politician with a copy as well as all the teachers here in Wanganui – this is a must-read book!” – CJ, Wanganui

“We would like to order a further four copies plus the fifth one free and enclosed our cheque for $99.60. Thank you for informing us of what is happening in this crazy world of ours. Please go on doing your excellent research and keeping us in touch” – JH, via email

“Finished book, words fail me, it is marvellous!” – Ingrid

“Congratulations on Eve’s Bite. Hugely worrying – I think the lights are dimming over the West – but a tour de force. Excellent” – Amy

“Ian Wishart’s new book Eve’s Bite arrived by courier today…advance copy…looking good so far. Can’t wait till the embargo is lifted.” –

“I started reading Eve’s Bite last night and have finished over half of it…well worth reading. I certainly recommend it and look forward to discussing it when I finish it.” – CB

“My copy has arrived. It’s one of those books that is easy to jump randomly around, reading bits and pieces. It’s going to annoy lots of people.” – ZT

“OK, OK I capitulate. My mates are all talking about the book and my dearest is nagging me, so I had better go and buy it. Congrats–and thanks, in advance, for your labours.” – JT

“For those who have asked what books are on the other side of Dawkin’s book, I’d recommend (most recently) Eve’s Bite by Ian Wishart or The Case For Christ by Lee Strobel” – post on a US website

“I’m presently reading your “Eve’s Bite”. It’s explosive, or would be if it can penetrate New Zealander’s astonishing complacency.” – CR, Dunedin

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I am a Secondary School teacher and father of five with a background in Human Geography. I am half way through Eve’s Bite and already I feel like scales are falling from my eyes. I really believe that I, along with the rest of society, have been brainwashed through propaganda on so many levels. This sounds very dramatic but Ian systematically addresses several issues in society where our thoughts and values are twisted. It is scary and shocking, a must read for parents and educators of all age groups!
    It should be noted that, if you consider yourself an athiest, I think it would be better to read the book “The Divinity Code” first because this book focusses on values that are best understood after one has explored broader issues of belief first.

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