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It is a story of Hollywood, and movie stars like David Bowie and Tatum O’Neal. It is a story of children’s fairytales penned by one of Walt Disney’s best-loved animators – the man who created Fantasia. It is a story of the Aga Khan, Robert Sangster, and the battle for control of the world’s bloodstock industry. It is a story of men armed with Uzi machine guns, of glittering tax havens and unspeakable wealth. It is a story than begins in New Zealand and encircles the globe. Told by top investigative journalist and #1 bestselling author Ian Wishart, Lawyers, Guns & Money is a gripping legal thriller in the tradition of John Grisham’s The Firm – only this one is a true story.

“Wishart has grown as an author” – Otago Daily Times

“He’s onto another winner. Wishart is…exceptionally thorough. He skil­fully blends official documents with his own observations and material from his own inquiries, giving a more informative picture than could ever have been possible in the daily media.” – Manawatu Evening Standard

“If you like to mix business with pleasure, take Lawyers, Guns & Money to your beachside accomodation with you” – North & South


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