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Ian Duffy, Rotorua Daily Post:
“This is a cracker of a publication. ..These articles and commentaries are always fascinating.
This is a book to be treasured. Every New Zealander, born here or not, will enjoy browsing through Our Stories. And for certain, the question setters for pub quizzes the length and breadth of the country will find it an invaluable source of material.”

Linda Hall, Bay of Plenty Times:
“Bedtime stories for history lovers” Anyone who enjoys history will love this book.
Every day hundreds of stories are published in newspapers and magazines. Journalist Ian Wishart has collated some of the most fascinating of these forgotten stories into a book. I love these types of books that you can pick up and flick through, reading whatever catches your eye. It’s a book to put by your bedside and dip into. There are editorials, letters to the editor and hundreds of historical news stories.”

Rhoda on Goodreads
Jan 22, 2015
Rhoda rated it 4 of 5 stars
It was a format I’m not used to, and the age of the articles made them a bit heavy-going, so Wishart’s summarising notes helped a lot. I still loved the way it came together as a simple, honest look at what happened in New Zealand and what New Zealanders used to be like. The chapter called “The Telephone Comes to NZ” was especially amusing.

The whole book comes from Wishart’s viewpoint of discussing history they way it happened, no matter what’s politically correct in our day. He includes things that I’d never heard of, like the tsunami in 1868, and the big Christchurch earthquake in 1888 (read the Oamaru Mail article here).

I liked being able to read a book about New Zealand history from a different perspective, and enjoy the fruits of Wishart’s labours chasing down the old newspaper stories.


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