The Paradise Conspiracy


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A death, missing computer disks, a winebox full of secret files, a tax haven, alleged extortion, arms dealing, corruption, coverups and criminal fraud, billion dollar deals, kidnap attempts, espionage, secret military operations, death threats, break-ins, a maverick politician…and an investigative television team’s battle to expose the truth.

Follow The Paradise Conspiracy on a journey to a country you never knew existed, that politicians would still have you believe doesn’t exist, a place one diplomat called ‘a dirty little country’.

Using a New Zealand Government bank as their flagship, they sailed the seas of global high finance under a tax haven’s Jolly Roger, their victims the taxpayers of an unsuspecting world.

This is the story they spent two years and a million dollars trying to muzzle, but the biggest secrets are about to be told. The Paradise Conspiracy – the explosive true narrative behind the winebox investigation that embroiled New Zealand, Australia, the US, Japan, the UK and tax havens across the planet – from the award-winning journalist who cracked the winebox code – it doesn’t read like a tax story, it reads like a crime story. —

The Paradise Conspiracy by Ian Wishart was a #1 bestseller in its home market and quickly spread around the world, notching up 40,000 copy sales and inspiring a movie, ‘Spooked’

“It is the closest thing to a John Grisham novel, but it is the real thing” – Waikato Times

“A Watergate-type tale” – NZ Listener magazine

“Sensational stuff and hard to fault. Wishart is a professional” – The Republican


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