Former #1-rated national talk show host Ian Wishart has returned back behind the microphone for the first time in ten years, with his new show “Talking Matters” syndicated on the network.

Listening is easy: just click the play button on the widget below, or download the Live365 app from Apple or Google Play Store to your device and when you’ve opened the app just enter “Ian Wishart” in the station search box. It’s that simple.

We broadcast live at 10pm NZ time on Friday nights (8pm AEST or in the US at 2am Fridays PST/6am EST).

Outside of our live broadcasts, last week’s show (generally 60 to 90 mins) loops in continuous replay so you can hear it again or tell your friends and family to catch up with it.

Our archived shows will soon be available for podcast via iTunes or through here.



  1. Ian you are right on the button! I have read many of your books and agree the world/UN is well down the track with the New World order on all fronts.
    The trouble is we mere people can only sit and watch. There are many of us trying to curtail much
    of what is happening, but really we can’t! Our NZ government is well under the control of the new World order thats why so many policy changes are just implemented with out any consultation with the people.

  2. Hi Ian

    So i understand live365 is no more?! Where should i go to find your latest broadcasts? (I havent seen any new podcasts on itunes lately)I am currently enjoying another one of your books Eves Bite. Keep up the good work and best wishes for 2016. Cheers, Stuart from Brisbane.

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