YES: This phone is serviceable in New Zealand, but only by the Outdoor Phone Store. Beware if purchasing the same model elsewhere as ordinary mobile repair shops cannot fix it

Buying a rugged outdoor phone could save you hundreds by reducing phone breakages, but you can’t just blindly purchase any old rugged phone from any old website and assume it is going to go smoothly. Here’s what you need to know:

Rugged phones are a specialised market. Many of the big telcos no longer sell them. Anyone can buy them at wholesale from TradeMe or cut price sites – but you can’t buy a repair from them. If something goes wrong, whether it’s a warranty issue or user-caused, you probably won’t find anyone who can fix it.  All those suburban mall phone repair centres carry parts for run of the mill Samsung and iPhones – they don’t carry parts for rugged phone brands, and without specialist technical help they don’t know how to fix them. So if you waltz in with a rugged phone, most won’t touch it and suddenly a cheap deal on the internet turns into a useless expensive brick – often just because the temptation to save

That’s why the Outdoor Phone Store sells our range at retail price, not wholesale. We know that the only sustainable business model for rugged phones is one that includes parts and service. That’s what most of our customers expect. Like the big networks, we back our range with a two year warranty which is the difference between retail and wholesale. That means we won’t sell you a phone unless we can get parts and get the phone serviced here. We get technical assistance direct from the manufacturers. Other stores don’t, which means they are not able to properly diagnose your fault, let alone fix it.

That results in unfortunate customer experiences like this Australian endured:

March 2020

Hi Guys

I bought last month a new blackview 9800PRO from [another site]. I’ve just read your email about the behaviour of [the director] and it has me concerned.

  1. I can’t get a response to issue of not being able to hear adequately from the ear piece
  2. I cant get a phone number of the sitec
  3. I did get a phone call when the screen protector blanked the screen when making calls but when I rang back no one answered
  4. So I have probably no warranty which was the point of buying from Australia

…I got hold of the owner owner eventually. Very terse response, basically got cranky with me for stating the facts. I haven’t returned the unit because I was sceptical about getting it back and what I got back…



All of which to say, paying retail gets you genuine expert service and parts access. Purchasing from more desperate sellers pricing their models for a quick sale might save you $150 initially but it doesn’t get you service, it gives you grief in the long run and could be the difference between enjoying your new phone and being stuck with a brick.