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“I have read this book 5 times, and every time I pick it up I can't put it down. There were moments where I had tears in my eyes. I would highly recommend this book; brilliant read and so powerful." - Chiara, Amazon

"Agonising to read but an excellent, heart wrenching story. Tears were never far from my eyes." - Rachael Shipp, Amazon

This is a book I wish I could have read a few years ago. to truly understand how these professionals work. Very well written and I could not put it down. Anyone fighting the system should read this, as it seems to give the reader some sort of strength and understanding” – Amazon verified purchase

I couldn't put it down!.......To be honest....I didn't want to read much grief, so much evil, so much corruptness in high levels of the community.....but once I got it,
I read it in one sitting..IT NEEDS to BE READ....A COMPULSORY resource for ANYONE in a position of power, professional, Mum's, Social services, Justice Departments, Police.....any field of care......To all the Mum's/Dad's who have had children wrenched from them.....your pain needs to be addressed! NEVER GIVE UP!
” – Glennis Boyd, Amazon